podcast-home 28-04-2020

QS is dedicated to bringing together the many voices of the sector to showcase expertise, case studies and experiences.

That’s why we are pleased to reintroduce you to QS In Conversation, a series of podcasts and live online panel discussions unpacking global trends in higher education, online learning, employability and the student experience.

QS In Conversation brings together experts in their field as well as QS’ experts and content creators to get the story behind the data and trends.

As well as these podcasts and panel discussions, QS is also taking some of its conferences online, including the upcoming 2020 EduData Summit Series, which will replace the EduData Summit previously scheduled to occur at the United Nations in New York.



Learn from experts in their field to find out how the world is adjusting to the new normal, and what this could mean for the future of higher education. Stay in the know on how technology is being implemented into teaching methods and the adjustments that need to be made.



Everyone interested in the state and current trends of global higher education. From vice-chancellors to academics, edtech providers, and marketing staff, discover the story behind the headlines of world trends and keep on top of the changing world of education.