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Higher Education & Research Industry Lead
Microsoft Asia Pacific

Rob Smith is an ICT and Education industry leader with over 17 years’ experience in the Asia and Pacific region, including 5 years based in Singapore working in both emerging and mature markets at Microsoft as well as 12+ years in Australia. He regularly engages in conferences & keynotes across all elements of the public sector and has a background in Engineering, Aviation and a passion for sport.

As Higher Education & eResearch lead for APAC at Microsoft, he engages with leading Universities to enable transformation of Education, Research and operations across the institution. Throughout this time, he has worked with Ministries, Schools, Universities and Research Institutions to enable the transformation of the delivery of Education, Research and Future Ready Graduates.

Past Speakers

Peter Vesterbacka

Entrepreneur and co-founder at Edunation, Fun Academy, Lightneer, HP Bazaar, FinEst Bay Area, and Slush
The former Mighty Eagle and CMO of Angry Birds at Rovio