The QS In Conversation podcast is a one-on-one interview with leaders and experts to discuss the latest trends in international and higher education across topics including student engagement, employability, edtech, and teaching delivery.

Showcasing expertise across all areas, the fortnightly podcast is a detailed look into how education has changed and how it will continue to adapt in the future for everyone with an interest in the sector.

From online delivery to marketing and students needs, the QS In Conversation podcast gets the story behind the headline.

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7th July

Theme: Virtual partnerships in the new world
Overview: With the world in lockdown, the traditional in-person meet-and-greet is currently not an option. Without the café meeting or the spontaneous catch up over lunch, this episode looks at how are new partnerships created virtually, and how to use technology to get the most out of educational collaborations.

Assoc Prof Teklu Abate Bekele_01


Associate Professor
The American University in Cairo

Teklu A. Bekele is Associate Professor of International and Comparative Education (ICE) at the Graduate School of Education, The American University in Cairo (AUC). Prior to joining the AUC, Bekele worked in the capacities of Research Fellow, Research Associate, Lecturer and Senior Lecturer of ICE at the Department of Education, the University of Oslo, Norway.

For nearly a decade, Bekele has been studying the fields of teaching and learning using technology in higher education, quality of education, education reform, workplace learning, and emerging knowledge production cultures, employing qualitative and quantitative methodologies. His current research considers emerging university-society engagements and linkages, examining how and to what extent reconceptualization of research, teaching, service, and governance justify the social significance and relevance of higher education.

18th August

Theme: Employment in a micro-credential world
Overview: The job for life is quickly becoming a thing of the past, and students today will likely have several careers in their lifetime. How can micro-credentials rather than traditional education be used to help adult populations stay ahead of employment needs?

Headshot_Simon Nelson_120


Chief Executive

Simon Nelson is Chief Executive of FutureLearn, the leading social learning platform and first UK-based provider of massive open online courses (MOOCs), which has now evolved to offer fully online degrees and microcredentials. Previously of the BBC, Simon has a background in digital disruption as a pioneer in taking media brands and content online. Formed in December 2012 by The Open University, FutureLearn is now jointly owned by The Open University and The SEEK Group. FutureLearn has over 13 million learners signed up worldwide and partners with 170+ industry-leading institutions around the globe, including 25% of the world’s top universities.

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Peter Vesterbacka

Entrepreneur and co-founder at Edunation, Fun Academy, Lightneer, HP Bazaar, FinEst Bay Area, and Slush
The former Mighty Eagle and CMO of Angry Birds at Rovio