In a Nutshell

University-public sector collaboration is not a new phenomenon, and has yielded fruitful results in areas such as basic scientific research, defence and medicine. Smart cities offer a new area of collaboration that is multidisciplinary in nature, and which stretches from “smart”-infrastructure to alleviate congestion and reduce energy consumption, to “smart”-services enhanced by automation, AI, decision-support systems, etc., and the possibility to seek constant feedback from citizen-users.

The QS in conversation seminar provides an opportunity to get beyond the jargon and the buzzwords in order to understand how university-public sector partnerships can build and shape the smart cities of the future.

As an active champion and partner in smart city development, Singapore Management University and QS have joined forced to organize a special edition of QS in conversation on smart cities.

Date: 3-5 October 2018
Venue: SMU Hall, School of Law
Organising Partner: Singapore Management University
Theme: University-Public Sector Partnerships: Smart Cities