Welcome Message

Singapore Management University and QS Asia are delighted to welcome you to the QS in conversation Seminar, “University-Public Sector Partnerships: Smart Cities”.

This topic is of particular significance in our present digitally-enabled world as Smart City solutions hold the promise to improve how we approach urban issues and shape how we live. Smart City solutions play a pivotal role in improving urban and community liveability, mobility, security, healthcare and efficient allocation of resources among many other areas.

The Seminar will bring together prominent academics and experienced public sector leaders who will share their experiences and insights on how universities can develop new capabilities and engage governments to drive impactful projects. It will showcase successful examples of how universities, government agencies and other organisations are collaborating to leverage data-driven systems to power the rapidly changing landscapes of Smart Cities, and highlight lessons learned from these efforts.

Join us for a stimulating dialogue and be part of this movement to build Smart Cities and improve lives, the environment and society at large.

This Seminar is one of several initiatives by SMU to foster a rich knowledge exchange that equips individuals with next-generation management thinking – empowering you to achieve meaningful impact and build a better future.


Professor Arnoud De Meyer

Singapore Management University