Welcome Messages

Welcome Message from L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University

I am delighted to welcome you to the international summit QS in conversation where we will talk about one of the hot topics “Enhancing visibility through international cooperation: Mobility, Recognition, Branding”.

Increasing the degree of recognition for university, quality of academic processes and internationalizing of our campuses could significantly contribute to the goals of the State program “Kazakhstan as an Educational hub in Central Asia”.

The format of QS in conversation connecting universities from emerging countries would give opportunity to share the history of the HEI development, best practices and challenges of the universities from the Central Asia and Emerging Europe countries. As we do have a lot to be proud of in developing and improvement of higher education systems of Kazakhstan and Lithuania and contributing into world labor market.

By participating in the summit QS in conversation, you will not only benefit from the exchange of knowledge and experience, you will also be able to expand your professional network through social events.

Once again I would like to sincerely thank the co-organizers QS agency and Vytautas Magnus University and to express that all your cooperation proposals are welcome.

Welcome Message from Vytautas Magnus University

I am honoured to invite you to the QS in conversation summit in Kaunas – the city which will be the European Capital of Culture in 2022.

The same year will mark the centennial of the establishment of Vytautas Magnus University (VMU). Our principles, which we have been following ever since, include commitment to a liberal and democratic learning environment and an emphasis on aesthetics, honesty, tolerance, and independent thought. We promote these ideals by nurturing creativity, academic progress, interdisciplinarity and cultural identity within our community, and by encouraging our students to pursue lifelong learning and leave their mark in the world, both locally and globally.

VMU is a comprehensive and the widest-range university in Lithuania which conducts scientific research and provides studies in the humanities, social, physical, biomedical, technological, agricultural sciences and arts. The university follows the principles of liberal arts studies, affording students the freedom to explore and design their own personalised path of study.

The university’s mission has always included the desire to be actively involved in the lives of other universities around the world and gave special priority to international activities. Today VMU is one of the leading Baltic universities by the number of international teachers, which also provides over 30 foreign language courses to the students and welcomes international students from over 60 countries of the world; in total, the latter constitute about 10 per cent of all VMU students. We appreciate the opportunity to keep contact with global universities and intergovernmental organisations such as the United Nations – this allows us to observe the reality of the world, contemplate it, and then change it if necessary.

It is no coincidence, then, that the theme of the QS in conversation summit in October 2019 will be “Enhancing visibility through international cooperation. Mobility, Recognition, Branding“. This is the first time when the summit will be held in the Baltic states and in the Central Europe. Moreover, it is organized by two partners: Gumilyov Eurasian National University (Kazakhstan) and Vytautas Magnus University (Lithuania). Hopefully, the summit will become a unique opportunity for partners from around the world to not only get together but also to establish new contacts and increase visibility via international cooperation. This should also be a chance for us to facilitate one another’s growth and exchange the knowledge and experience we have accumulated. The boundaries between countries have become blurred in the global world. Many universities have long followed the criteria of nomadity in their lives. For this reason, we would like to encourage the development of large university networks that would make it possible to build a sustainable and harmonious world based on the principles of the knowledge economy.

VMU Rector
Juozas Augutis